Bram Engineers

About us


Who are we at Bram Engineers

The technical engineering firm Bram Engineers founded in 2002 by us, René Stam and Peter Brouns. We are both widely trained and have years of experience in different work areas, such as mechanical, hydraulical and electrical. Through this experience we are ‘ megatronic ‘ and have insight in all aspects of the machines. We can develop the right technical solution for the customer. Since 2007 we are importer of high-quality mobile controllers & displays of Epec. We work side-by-side with Epec on our projects.

Our vision at Bram Engineers

If our client has an insurmountable problem, we are ready as troubleshooters.  Our vision is: “Three times left is equal to a direct right.”
This means that we come up with a suitable solution for each technical problem. How big the challenge is, we are up for you. If we can’t go counterclockwise, we go clockwise. In doing so, we obviously cater to the needs of customers and we make use of the latest technical developments.

Training and courses

To be able to provide our customers with optimal support, we train and guide their technical staff. We provide knowledge and experience to the customer through free tailor-made courses and/or manuals. Personal guidance is our top priority.

Importer and dealer

We are importer of several well-known brands, such as Epec mobile hardware controllers, OPUS display and encoders, Blink keypads, MRS automotive controllers and Gemac inclination sensors.