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EPEC mobile controllers and displays
Since 2007 is Bram Engineers importer in The Netherlands and Belgium for the high quality mobile controllers and displays of the Finnish company Epec . All Epec mobiele controllers have a wide temperature range, are very shock and vibration proof (> 100 g) and are resistant to challenging work and weather conditions. The stylish, unique shape of the casing works to protect the electronics inside against mechanical wear. The robust, leak-proof housing has also been widely tested against different environmental conditions.
Epec mobile operating systems are equipped with a variety of I/O‘s, such as digital I/O, PWM, pulse outputs and analog inputs etc. Due to the multiple Canbus interfaces, the Epec products can be used in combination with other devices from popular manufacturers. Epec control system products are designed and manufactured according to the strict standards of the mobile machinery industry and are certified for automotive use according to E17.

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Opus displays and encoders
Bram Engineers is supplier of the Opus control panels and encoders of the German company Topcon. The OPUS control panels are distinguished by a high degree of operating comfort and they are easy to program. Their robust, tried and tested designs can be used in heavy duty work environments. OPUS has a very extensive encoder range.

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MRS Can automotive controllers
Bram Engineers is importer of the Can controllers of the German company MRS Electronic. This compact controllers can be used stand-alone, but they also can be used ass I/O expansion of the current Can control. Depending on the model, the systems can also be expanded with a serial communications port. The controllers are graphically programmable with MRS CAN graph tool or C code. In addition, controllers of MRS are very favorably priced.

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Blink Keypads
Bram Engineers is importer of the Blink keypads. The Can Open keypads of the Italian company Blink are designed for even the hardest conditions. They withstands the cleaning force of pressure washers and holds an IP67/NEMA6 rating, making it virtually immune to water, mud, salt, sand, oil, chemicals or anything else thrown at it. The Blink keypads are easy to read in any situation with simple large icons and bright LED indicators. There are 200 stock inserts legends available, and these inlays are also customizable.

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Gemac inclination sensors
Bram Engineers is importer of the inclination sensors  of the German company Gemac. These high quality inclination sensors are available in different versions, such as CAN, CAN Open, an analogue.

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