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'Waterproof' solutions

EPEC 5050 Control Unit

Epec 5050 Control Unit is ideal for applications, The unit’s sleek shaped casing works to protect the electronics against mechanical wear. The leak-proof aluminum/plastic housing has also been widely tested against different environmental conditions.

abarth rally auto
Bram = automotive

Fast and innovative

PKP-2300 SI vrijst
Blink Power pro 2300

Keypads in the PRO series are the only ones currently on the market that boast keys with removable inserts. The use of open protocols makes keypads in the PRO series perfect for both automotive and nautical market

Bram = heavy duty

Robust powerhouses


Epec GL84 Slave Unit is the best slave product for centralized control system. GL84 Slave Unit’s cycle time is extremely fast – it feels like the I/O is actually connected to the master/central unit. The leak-proof aluminum housing has also been widely tested against different environmental conditions, the housing is even protected against high-pressure washing (IP69).

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Reliable and straightforward

A3 Eco vr

This full-value operator console features a 4.3” screen with 480 x 272 pixels and is optionally available with a touchscreen display.

Mobile and automotive CAN controllers, displays, encoders, and keypads… Bram Engineers has a solution for every requirement. Our CAN & CODESYS products can be found in agricultural machinery, cranes, excavators, yachts, electric vehicles and various applications in the maritime sector. Visit our products page to see the entire range. Can’t find your application? At Bram we love a challenge! So let us know and we will look for a solution together.

PONSSE Scorpion 18
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For every application and every sector.

At Bram, experience and expertise go hand in hand. We have a proven solution for every sector and every application. But new challenges also make our hearts beat faster. That's why 'impossible' isn't part of our vocabulary. We will keep on going until we have a solution that’s to your and our satisfaction.

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