Blink Powertrack

PowerTrack is a vehicle display controller based on CAN-bus protocol. Thanks to its rotary encoder, this instrument makes it possible to navigate within the menus of a vehicle’s display. PowerTrack is also equipped with six backlit quick-pick commands that can be highly personalized.

PowerTrack was designed to guarantee a comfortable grip in any given situation thanks to a rubber insert that wraps all the way around the knob. Together with the six quick-pick keys, the addition of a rotary pushbutton knob makes it possible to manage complex scroll functions on the display.

Fully compliant with Device Profile 401d, PowerTrack can interface with onboard systems thanks to CANbus protocols.

PowerTrack boasts numerous personalization options, thanks in part to the flexible management of multicolor LEDs. The intensity of the LEDs can be adjusted, whilst any LED indicator – whether fixed or blinking – can be personalized according to color preference. Backlighting for the keypad is also adjustable.