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Roll up your sleeves and get to work. The mentality and work ethic of the Port of Rotterdam fits us like a glove. We have been working in the port sector for years and speak the same language. As such, you will find our products in many applications.





Hardware for agricultural machinery and many other products. We are proud of our ‘agricultural catalogue’. And of course, no company is the same and every farmer has their own specific needs and wishes. Which we gladly take into account.





Innovative and state of the art. The automotive industry is characterized by new developments that follow each other in rapid succession. Electric driving is an additional catalyst in this. At Bram, we know from experience at Bram that not moving forward means falling behind. That’s why we follow every innovation closely and respond with the right controllers and other automotive products. We are happy to advise you on the many opportunities and possibilities.



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Reliable and straightforward. At Bram, we won’t just tell you what you want to hear, but always give you honest advice. We owe that to you and to our experience and expertise in the maritime sector. We want to get to work, but in the right way. Products and solutions that we can both get behind completely, that’s what we stand for!




Heavy Duty

At Bram we are not afraid of ‘heavy duty’. Where others often opt for standard, we are happy to take on special challenges. Extreme working and weather conditions? Heavy shocks and vibrations? We’re itching to get started! Our robust products are resistant to extreme situations and temperatures.



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