WebVisu is a cost-efficient way of providing a remote diagnostics portal to your service organisation.


When a machine with WebVisu is running, you are able to see and operate the machine’s HMI remotely using a web browser.

CODESYS WebVisu 3.5 can be used with Epec 6107 Display unit, Epec 6112 Display unit and Epec 6200 Remote Access Unit.



WebVisu is useful because:

  • It can provide a remote desktop view of the local HMI to help the work of techsupport or service team
  • It can be used to create service and diagnostics portals easily for service and R&D engineers without setting up any web servers
  • A service person can move around the machine performing needed service activities while using the machine HMI with a tablet or smartphone at the same time (Epec 6000 series unit’s built-in WLAN access point feature enables this)
  • Using WebVisu is easy, there is no need to setup any web servers
  • There is no need to develop any App for the tablet/smartphone, any device with a standard web browser is suitable.

WebVisu is an ideal solution for on-demand remote service portal if there is no need to access data while machine is not online or to visualize data simultaneously from several machines.

If there is no need for local HMI in the machine, but still some adjustment, diagnostics, etc. need to be done occasionally, Epec 6100 or 6200 Remote Access Unit with WLAN and WebVisu is a convenient solution, since the operator can use his smartphone as a HMI when needed.


For remote diagnostics purposes, using WebVisu offers benefits compared to sending all diagnostic data to some cloud server and visualising it there:

  • Firstly, you don’t necessary need create any new UI since your local UI probably already has same or similar screens/features which you can utilize.
  • In addition, you don’t need to send diagnostic data to the server for visualizing it, instead you have a direct access to the machine, which minimizes the latencies and enables visualizing the data in more real-time.
  • WebVisu is not just a remote desktop view, it enables you to also operate the HMI remotely, you can navigate between windows and make same interactions as the local operator, there can be several remote users simultaneously and each can operate an own instance of the UI.
  • WebVisu is a cost-efficient way of providing a diagnostics portal to your service organisation. There is only small one-time license fee added to the price of the Epec 6000 series unit.

What you need is:

  • Epec 6000 series product with a WebVisu license
  • WebVisu user interface created with CODESYS – in case you are using WebVisu with 6107 or 6112 display, you may use the same interface that you have created for the local HMI application
  • A web browser, all browsers are supported

That’s it!

When the machine is using Epec 6000 series unit’s built-in 3G cellular interface to access internet, Epec GatE solution enables using WebVisu UI remotely and securely from anywhere.