mconn 7


MConn 7 is the new generation of Connected Displays of MRS Electronic, with a powerful 32-bit multi-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, with 2D, 3D, and Vector Graphics hardware acceleration. Featuring a multitouch 7” PCAP touchscreen, operators can take advantage of many gestures found on tablets today, including pinch-to-zoom, rotation, flick, and many more. It can be programmed to run on Embedded Linux, Android, QNX, or WEC7, depending on the user requirements.

Thanks to the multi-touch PCAP touch screen, you can use functions such as pinch-to-zoom, rotation, flick and much more. The MConn is more than just a display. It is equipped with numerous wired and wireless interfaces, including CAN (2x), LIN, Ethernet, USB (2x), audio, camera inputs (4x), I/O (22), 3G/LTE, GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth. As with all MRS connectivity products, the data can be read and evaluated via the SpokeZone.

Benefit from the MConn allrounder and use the device as a display, telematics module or control system. You have the option to use the display for all dashboard functions. Integrate the display inside the cabin in the dashboard or, thanks to the IP65, even in harsh conditions outside. With another MConn display, you can extend your display and data processing to the secondary. Connection to external secondary displays is also possible.

Technical specifications


  • MAIN PROCESSOR NXP i.MX6: 32-bit Cortex-A9 ARM processor Single, Dual, or Quad core 1.2 GHz (commercial grade) 1 GHz (automotive grade)
  • COPROCESSOR: Watchdog, analog inputs, and CAN functions. CAN ready in < 0.5s from cold boot
  • RAM: 1 GB DDR3 4 GB DDR3 (optional)
  • GPU: 2D, 3D, Vector Graphics Hardware Acceleration
  • VIDEO: 1080p, 30fps, encoding and decoding
  • STORAGE: 4 GB eMMC for OS and user application. Up to 64 GB available on micro SD card for additional applications or logging
  • BOOT TIME: < 8 second boot (default), 2 seconds to splash screen CAN ready in < 0.5s on coprocessor < 2 second boot possible, dependent on OS requirements


  • ACCELEROMETER: 3-axis, ±2/±4/±8/±16 g acceleration range. Selectable full scales
  • GYROSCOPE: 3-axis, ±125/±245/±500/±1000/±2000 dps angular range. Selectable full scales
  • COMPASS: 3-axis, used in conjunction with accelerometer to provide accurate heading information
  • BUZZER: 2.3kHz Tone, PWM Capable, 85 dB
  • REAL TIME CLOCK: Onboard battery to keep track of time while unit is powered off


  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Linux, Android, QNX, WEC7
  • SOFTWARE IDE: Qt5, Crank Software, Altia
  • SOFTWARE UPDATES: USB, Ethernet, WiFi, Cellular, CAN


  • CAN: 2x CAN, 20 kbps – 1Mbps
  • LIN: 1x LIN, 1 kbps – 20 kbps
  • ETHERNET: Gigabit Ethernet, 10/100/1000 Base-T
  • USB: 2x USB 2.0 with optional dust cap
  • CAMERA: 4x Analog video inputs NTSC or PAL, Single-Ended or Differential
  • AUDIO: Stereo out, Mic in
  • INPUTS: 12 digital inputs 6 analog inputs 2 Thermistor inputs 2 frequency counter inputs
  • OUTPUTS: 4 digital high side drivers (2A each)
  • GPS: NMEA data, dedicated GPS antenna connection
  • WIFI: 802.11 bgn, +20 dBm TX, -97 dBm RX
  • BLUETOOTH: Bluetooth 4.0, +20 dBm TX, -94 dBm RX
  • RADIO TUNER: AM/FM/WX Tuner with RDS decoder
  • POWER SUPPLY: 9-32 VDC. CPU operational down to 7 VDC
  • IGNITION: Ignition input for CPU


  • MATERIAL ABS Plastic, with Gore membrane
  • MOUNTING VESA 50, optional mounting bracket
  • IP CLASS: IP54, optional IP65
  • EMC/EM:I ISO 10605, CISPR 25
  • IMMUNITY: ISO 7637-2, ISO 16750-2
  • SHOCK: ISO 16750-3, 20G
  • VIBRATION: ISO 16750-3, Test VII
  • TEMPERATURE RANGE: Operating: -30°C …70°C, Storage: -40°C ….85°C
  • SIZE: 200.6mm x 139.1mm x 35mm